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 Post subject: Have an unruly moustache? Try provitamin B5
PostPosted: 12:45 on Friday August 5th 2011 

Joined: 13:28 on Thursday November 18th 2010
Posts: 11
Location: Belgium
Dear friends of the moustache,

If, like me, you find your moustache hairs unruly, spiky or dry, give a try to provitamin B5. You can find it, often in small phials, in shops selling ingredients for home-made cosmetics - try, which is French (but ships more or less anywhere) and also my favourite.
I initially bought it for my hair, which I have luxuriant, but with the idea of experimenting on my moustache, too. I usually put one drop on my thumb, rub it against my forefinger and then into one side of my moustache, then repeat with another drop for the other side. I usually leave it on for a few minutes, then thoroughly rinse. I've found that doing this no more than once a week makes my moustache behave - it is much easier to wax, holds better the shape I give it and all in all feels much more supple.
Perhaps a solution for those with difficult hairs!


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